10 Best Drill Press 2023

If you are one of the thousands of people who are passionate about Handcraft projects, then this article is for you! All of us who enjoy woodworking know that it is a demanding job that often requires professional and powerful tools. Among these tools, we find drills press. In the same project, you may need delicacy and, at the same time, strength. But how do we know if our tool can perform both functions efficiently?

Our Best Drill Press 2023 list will help you sorting out from the huge number of available tools online.

Fortunately, that question has a simple answer! Many drill presses can give you that extra power in your work and, at the same time, extra speed to meet your deadlines. Because we love making your life easier, we have compiled the top 10 best drill press on the market!

Below, we will show you what features make each one special, what their pros and cons are, and what you should consider when purchasing them. Let’s start with this fantastic journey!

Best Drill Press 2023 Reviews

1. JET J-2530 Bench Top Drill Press

One of the most proportionate tools in terms of functionality and durability is found in this JET J-2530 Bench Top Drill Press. It is a 115-volt bench-top drill press. Also, this machine can offer ¾ HP, along with 15/4 inches. It also incorporates an excellent level of strength and durability to complete variety of projects.

JET J-2530 Bench Top Drill Press

In turn, you will have the actual power which consumes 115 volts of electricity. It is also a machine that is very simple to assemble so that you do not need to have excellent technical knowledge. Besides, the cast iron head rotates, so that you get a more suitable finish than with other models.

When working, this machine is one of the most comfortable and efficient due to the range of functionality. Specifically, the right speed can be achieved thanks to the 16 different levels incorporated. The highest level provides 3630 revolutions per minute. Also, at the lowest level, you will get 200 revolutions per minute.

When working, this machine is one of the most comfortable and efficient due to the range of functionality. Specifically, the right speed can be achieved thanks to the 16 different levels incorporated. The highest level provides 3630 revolutions per minute. Also, at the lowest level, you will get 200 revolutions per minute.

One of the positive aspects of this machine is that you will be able to work at maximum speed without vibrations or wobbling. The design of the column allows this drill to support a large amount of operating weight.

At the same time, the worktable can tilt up to a limit of 45° to the right or left side. However, it should be remembered that this model of drill press does not include a light. So darkness can be an impediment when working.

  • 16-speed levels
  • Ability to make deep holes
  • Minimum speed allows the metal to be pierced without increasing the temperature
  • The support column prevents vibration
  • Does not include light for work

2. SE 97511MDP Bench Top Drill Press

Another good option available in the market is this 3-speed SE 97511MDP bench top drill press. Specifically, it offers a 6-9″, 16″ x 6-9 and 16″ working area. Also, the base dimensions are 6-5, 8″ x 6-5, and 8″. The maximum drilling height obtained is 7-1, which can be adapted to many jobs.

You can use one of the three speeds to better adapt to different projects and jobs. So, you will have 5000 revolutions per minute, 6500 and 8000. The maximum drilling capacity is 6 mm. So, it will be effortless to achieve good results at all times.

SE 97511MDP Bench Top Drill Pres

Also, this bench drill is a suitable option for DIY work, or even for carpentry. To achieve excellent performance, you should use this work tool carefully. The power used is 110 watts, and 3 speeds are included to optimize the operation.

The service life of this option is regular, so it is within a medium range of power tools. This is a good indication of the cost-benefit ratio.

  • A lightweight tool that can be adapted to small spaces
  • 3 speeds available
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Affordable Price
  • Only useful for light or medium work

3. Grizzly G7945 Bench Top Drill Press

When it comes to medium intensity work, this Grizzly G7945 Bench top Drill Press can offer excellent performance. You get a motor power of ½ HP, with single-phase operation. This machine uses 120 volts of electricity. So, it is a tool that is in the middle range.

On the other hand, the conical spindle you find on this model is JT-33. On the other hand, this model can provide 5 different speeds.

This means that it is a tool that can be adapted to each of the projects you wish to carry out. It also incorporates a design that offers the possibility of working from almost any angle.

This means that it is a tool that can be adapted to each of the projects you wish to carry out. It also incorporates a design that offers the possibility of working from almost any angle.

Besides, you will be able to transform this tool into a sander in just a few steps. So, you will be getting a machine that provides multiple functionalities for each of your projects. In turn, this means that it is a handy tool for light, medium, or even more important work.

  • 5 speeds available
  • Ideal tool for small to medium jobs
  • Efficient engine from ½ HP
  • Requires too much space for proper operation

4. Shop Fox W1668 Bench Top Drill Press

This Shop Fox W1668 bench top drill press is another amazing machine that offers excellent performance and a certain level of versatility for different projects. This tool provides ¾ horsepower, along with 110-volt electrical operation. Also, variable speed is obtained, which ranges from 250 to 3050 revolutions per minute.

On the other hand, the spindle travel 3-1/4 inches, as well as the swing of 13-1/4 inches. Along with this, you can have 12 different levels of speeds to be able to adapt to each of the materials used.

This is very useful and efficient when applied to the contours. At the same time, the capacity of power and speed that surpasses other previous models make this a heavy tool.

Besides, it is a tool that can be ideally used both by carpentry or DIY enthusiasts and in professional workshops. This means that you don’t need a lot of space to assemble this tool, and you don’t need much technical knowledge either.

Also, the service life of this drill press is prolonged due to the excellent durability of the components. This means that it is a tool with the durability of years, which avoids the need to acquire a new one in the future.

At the same time, the low level of maintenance required offers any user efficient, but also safe and reliable operation.

  • 12-speed levels to choose from
  • Excellent tool for working with wood
  • Ideal table width
  • Excellent level of performance, accuracy, and speed
  • Excellent service life
  • Slightly expensive machine

5. Craftsman Bench Top Drill Press

Craftsman Bench Top Drill Press

Another option to consider is this 10-inch Craftsman Bench Top Drill Press that offers proper operation. First of all, it is a machine that provides excellent operation along with smooth and comfortable use. Besides, the noise level generated when working with this drill press is very low.

The general structure of this machine is solid and resistant because it is made of excellent quality metal. So, the user using this tool will not detect any broken parts or cracks before or during operation. Also, you can use the built-in LED to improve visibility under any environmental conditions.

As an additional feature, this model includes a laser that the operator can use when a high level of accuracy is required. So, you can ensure a high degree of accuracy in the contours or in the places you need during any drilling.

Moreover, the 12-speed levels offer versatility and functionality suitable for different projects. To use any of these speeds, simply turn the built-in knob.

So, you don’t need any advanced technical knowledge or extensive experience to start using this tool. Many master operators will notice the convenience of using this drill press.

  • Quiet and comfortable operation
  • Strong and solid machine structure
  • Includes laser for a higher level of accuracy
  • It offers 12 different speed levels
  • Suitable tool for novice operators
  • A tool useful only for household projects or light to medium tasks
  • Learning to use different speeds can be complicated

6. JET JDP-15B 15-inch Bench Top Drill Press

As we continued to research for the best available options, this 15-inch JET JDP-15B bench top drill press can provide excellent result. It has built-in ability to provide 16 different speed level. Each of these levels can provide the right results for working with different materials or different projects.

Any operator will have the convenience of being able to move this tool whenever he needs to. In turn, the regular and medium size of this machine allows any operator to work in a small space. So, it can be adapted to many small, medium, or large workshops.

JET 354165 Bench Top Drill

When working on your project, you will have 16 different speed levels. So, when you use each of these levels correctly, you will have the possibility to optimize the working time of each project. It is necessary to mention that the lowest speed level is 200 revolutions per minute.

This speed is used by professionals to cut different pieces of metal, without increasing the temperature too much. At the same time, the maximum speed that this machine is capable of generating is 3630 revolutions per minute. This means having a tool that allows you to coat, route, shape, or sand different materials or jobs.

Finally, this model includes a light that is very useful in dark rooms or environments. This means one less obstacle at each workstation. Besides, the life span is proportional to the medium range of this tool.

  • 16-speed levels
  • Stable and transportable tool
  • Built-in light
  • Excellent level of accuracy
  • Improper initial installation
  • User complaints about some vibrations during drilling

7. Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press

In this case, this 18-inch Delta 18-900L laser drill press is one of the most chosen by experts these days. It is considered by many users as the best drill press, due to its level of precision, efficiency, and versatility. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze each of the features that are useful for many projects.

On the one hand, this tool can provide 16 different levels of speed. With which, it will be effortless to adapt to the different materials or needs of your next projects. This means an excellent level of adaptability to specific projects such as plastic and metal drilling, carpentry and DIY, among others

At the same time, you will have the possibility to regulate the power considering the thickness of the material you are working with.

This makes it a tool that can be adapted to the holes you want to make. In the same way, the worktable has the versatility to tilt up to 48 degrees, which provides greater control.

Last but not least, the pen stroke obtained when using this tool is 6 inches. So, you’ll notice that the hole you get with each use is deep. This allows you to avoid the need to acquire other secondary tools to adapt to the project you want to carry out.

  • 16 levels of tool speed
  • Useful for drilling plastic, metal, and woodwork
  • Power regulation concerning the thickness of the object
  • Worktable tilt-able up to 48 degrees
  • 6-inch pen stroke
  • Expensive Machine
  • Regular cost-benefit ratio

8. SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press

Another option that can provide effective operation in any project is this 3.2-amp SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press. Therefore, the 10-inch turn will be able to provide deep drilling, which offers excellent performance on various projects. That’s why you’ll be able to work with a wide variety of different materials.

Moreover, the laser that is built into this model allows for accurate guidance on every project. So, it will be much easier to obtain an excellent level of precision for any user. Whether you are a beginner, a professional, or an expert, you will both be able to achieve outstanding results.

To accommodate different environments and rooms, this model has its built-in light. This way, the darkness of the environment will not be an obstacle when working. Besides, the worktable can be tilted to the right or left. This allows for increased comfort during work, from start to finish.

Finally, the operators can use one of the 5-speed levels to adapt to the different materials used. So, it will be much easier to achieve the versatility needed for carpentry, DIY, or other projects.

  • 5-speed levels
  • Built-in work light
  • Tilting to both sides of the drill table
  • Built-in guide laser
  • 3.2 AMP engine
  • Low-life laser batteries
  • Upgradeable design

9. DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press

Another amazing device that needs to be included in this list is this DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press, which provides excellent functionality. First, it is a tool that has a 10-amp engine to deliver superior results to every project. Together with this, it is an implement that is very easy to use under any circumstances.

DEWALT DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press

Also, the operator who uses this tool will have two speeds that facilitate the work. So the work time is optimized, no matter if it is carpentry, collage, and others. Although these two speeds may be insufficient, the truth is that you will be able to work with a large number of materials.

For better performance, this machine includes a magnetic cooling tank with fluid. This feature allows you to cool your tool without having to stop the work. At the same time, the construction of the structure of this tool can offer extended useful life and a high level of resistance for the most challenging works.

Finally, you can use the case included with this machine to protect yourself. Besides, the use of this machine is simple for both beginners and professionals. This makes it a tool that can provide excellent results after each work session.

  • Operation of the single magnetic drill
  • 4-inch shaft travel
  • Magnetic cooling system
  • Inadequate chuck change system

10. WEN 4214 Drill Press

Finally, there is this WEN 4214 Drill Press, which includes a motor with excellent functionality and power. Specifically, it is a motor with a power of 3 HP, so you get a terrific boost for any job. Therefore a large number of users consider this model to be the best drill press.

On the other hand, it is an excellent option when working with hard plastic, sheet metal, or materials used in carpentry. Also, it provides a remarkable speed range to be able to adapt to each of the projects carried out. This means that you can use the lowest speed to obtain 580 revolutions per minute.

This speed allows you to cut and punch sheet metal from ½ inch very easily. You can also use the maximum speed, which provides 3200 revolutions per minute. This amount of speed is one of the highest compared to other similar models available on the market today.

Another positive point of this tool is that it is a spacious table that offers an excellent degree of stability when drilling. You can always use the included digital gauge to know the level of speed you are using.

In conclusion, this is one of the options that can provide excellent experiences for both professionals and beginners. Besides, you will be able to avoid the need to buy secondary accessories since it is a complete machine.

  • High-impulse engine with 3 HP power
  • Ideal tool for drilling with hard plastic, sheet metal or wood
  • Work light included
  • Digital Speed Meter
  • The tool only useful for domestic projects

Best Drill Press – Buyers Guide

You should consider certain useful aspects before you consider purchasing any of these options. This is because not all drill presses can offer the same features.

Also, you should consider which projects you want to undertake. This is because you will not need the same tool for domestic projects for commercial jobs.

Table Tilt

The table tilt can be standard, i.e., many options can offer the same tilt in each case. Most worktables provide the ability to tilt by about 45 degrees, both left and right.

Thus, some so-called high-end worktable models offer the possibility to tilt by 90 degrees or even more. This means that as the table is tilted more, then it can provide a higher level of comfort while working.

This will allow you to find the angle that is most comfortable for you while working. Besides, the right degree of tilt can provide a good level of delicacy and precision in every job.

Speed levels

Speed levels are an essential aspect of this type of tool. As a drill press can offer a more significant number of speed levels, you will be able to achieve the right one for each project.

By having different speed levels, you will be able to better adapt when you need to drill wood in carpentry, or sheet metal. Each of these materials requires a specific speed if you want excellent results.

The simple part is to change speed as you only need to turn a knob. The complicated part will know what specific speed you need for each of the materials to be used. However, if you have a choice, you could opt for a tool with several speed levels.

Laser and machine cooling

There are many drill press machine has a cooling system included. This allows the temperature to be lowered during or after a drilling operation. Therefore, you do not need to stop work so that your tool does not overheat.

This quality can optimize working time, which is useful. On the other hand, if the tool you choose includes a laser, then it will be much more valuable. Having a laser on this type of tool means that you will be able to get a high level of accuracy on any job.

Finally, including a work light can be a minor detail, until you have to work in the dark. So, this feature will provide you with a higher level of comfort, no matter what the ambient light conditions are.


What determines the size of a drill press?

The size of this tool is measured between the distance of the column and the center of the chuck.

Can a drill press be used as a milling machine?

This tool has no bearings designed for side-loading, as well as a lack of rigidity, so this use is not recommended.

Is a drill press necessary?

If you need to build objects, such as furniture or other large household projects, you will need a drill press. By having this tool, you will be able to optimize the working time, as well as the quality of the result.

What is the swing on a drill press?

This aspect refers to the distance from the center of the spindle to the column of the stand. This tool, with a 12 inches swing, will have the capacity to drill a hole in the center of 6 inches.


Now, you know in detail all that these drill presses can provide. We are sure that the 10 best drill press lists we reviewed are the perfect combination of power, strength, and durability.

We did the hard work for you. Now all that is needed is for you to choose the right one to help you meet your needs and improve your game like a pro!

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