12 Best Portable Generator 2023

12 Best Portable Generator 2023

Millions of situations can make us upset and nervous. Undoubtedly, the most frustrating is to suffer a power cut in our home, office, or wherever we are carrying out our activities! Nothing could be more annoying! The electric light is essential to develop our daily life, and that’s why we have brought you the best portable generator to overcome those annoying situations!

However, it is not easy to get the option that best suits your needs, if you do not have the right information. That’s why we have analyzed the best 12 options that are available today in the market. This way, you will avoid being disappointed when you buy the wrong portable generator.

In turn, each of these generators’ characteristics will indicate which is the most appropriate for you. After that, we will describe the most important characteristic features that you will need to analyze in a portable generator.

Finally, we will be able to answer the frequently asked questions that you may have. In conclusion, you will be able to solve all kinds of energy problems after going through this review.

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12 Best Portable Generator Reviews

1. Briggs & Stratton 30664 Portable Generator

One of the best tools available on the market today is this Briggs & Stratton 30664 Portable Generator. This gasoline powered generator can generate power of 7000 watts and, at the same time, a starting thrust of 8750 watts. Also, this machine can generate 8000 watts in operation.

o, you will also have the possibility to generate clean energy in only a short time. So, you can provide all the power you need for your household appliances and lights. This way, power cuts will not affect you in the least. In just a few steps, you will be able to continue with your activities normally.

Briggs & Stratton 30664 Portable Generator

On the other hand, this unit can provide up to 25% more operation, which means more power. So, you can get the power you need for all your appliances and tools. This is an essential feature since other models cannot provide all the power for all the electrical appliances in your home.

In this case, you will have a model 2100 OHV engine. This is a 420-cc capacity motor. On the other hand, inside the fuel tank, you will have a capacity of 7.5 gallons. It is a tank made of the highest quality metal so that you can avoid any kind of fuel loss in the future.

Besides, this fuel capacity allows for uninterrupted operation for about 9 hours. For this, you must use 50% power. That is why it is one of the most convenient models in these times. The tires are also made of rubber to protect the outlets in your home. So, it is possible to get a flexible and robust operation.

At the same time, you can use unleaded gasoline to run the engine much better. Finally, we can mention that it is one of the implements that provides an adequate cost-benefit ratio. So, you will be making an excellent investment when acquiring this unit. With this, the portable operation will allow you to have this tool in any part of your home.

  • Excellent fuel capacity
  • Various output options
  • High-quality tires
  • High noise level

2. Generac 7117 GP2200i Portable Generator

Another unit we can find in the market these days is this Generac 7117 GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator with a different design. On the one hand, you will have a unit that provides easy-to-use, compact, and low noise design. So, you won’t get a functional tool that will annoy everyone with the sound level generated.

On the one hand, you will be able to produce clean energy for all the electronics in your home. This way, every single appliance, and the tool will be adequately protected thanks to the operation of this generator. So, the energy generated is stable throughout the process.

Generac 7117 GP2200i

You can also count on a fuel tank with a capacity of 1.2 liters. This is one of the largest sizes concerning other models available today. In this case, you can use this amount of fuel and get 25% power for almost 11 hours of operation.

Therefore, extended power outage periods will no longer be such a problem. Moreover, you will have a carrying handle in the design of this unit. This is combined with the compact design. So, you get a tool that is highly transportable and can be stored anywhere in your home.

So, it is also possible to have this tool in a day outdoors, camping, etc. One of the positive aspects of this generator is that you will have an energy-saving mode. Therefore, it is a mode that allows you to save the fuel that is in the tank. So, you will be able to have constant energy for longer.

At the same time, you can further reduce the noise level. You can also have LED indicator lights that will inform you when the unit is low on fuel. Indicators also included in the case of power overload and to indicate the percentage of power you are using.

Besides, you can have double the power if you need it. All you must do is connect two inverters at the same time. This is, therefore, a unit designed for convenient and versatile operation. Finally, you can charge power for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. You only need to use the USB port included in this generator.

  • Versatile and simple operation
  • Up to 11 hours of use
  • Lightweight, transportable tool
  • Small size engine

Yamaha 4-Cylinder Gas Powered Portable Generator

In this case, this is another option that can provide you with proper functioning. It is a Yamaha 4-Cylinder Gas Powered Portable Generator, which has the high-efficiency technology. You will have a transportable, lightweight, and highly convenient design. Together with this, the life of this unit provides an extended time of use.

So, you can count on a robust yet reliable operation. First, the noise level is deficient when using this tool. So, you don’t need to disturb other people when you need to get power. A one-gallon fuel tank has been included with the machine.

Yamaha 4-Cylinder Gas Powered Portable Generator

You can use this capacity to get 8 hours of constant operation. When you work with a quarter of the power, the noise generated is up to 51.5 decibels. So, when comparing, you will notice that it is a lower level than other models that are available today.

Also, you will be able to start this unit with 2000 watts, and then go to 1600 watts during operation. While this is somewhat less than other generators, this is offset by other positive features.

Specifically, in this case, you can get adequate outputs that can be adapted to each of the appliances and power tools you have in your home. Also, this unit does not include oil for operation. However, the design provides an indicator light that will inform you of the status of the fuel inside.

Along with this, you will also have an LED fuel level indicator light. Specifically, the engine provides an air-cooling system and cylinder exclusive to Yamaha. This also works with four strokes and a cylinder liner made of cast iron.

So, you get an efficient and safe operation when you need it. On the other hand, we can mention that it is an implement that provides an appropriate cost/benefit ratio. So, you will not need much space to store this unit in your home. Likewise, it will be effortless to have the right energy in any outdoor place.

  • Transportable and lightweight design
  • Extended service life
  • Appropriate use time
  • Oil not included

4. A-iPower Gasoline Powered Portable Generator

By further researching the options available today, we can list this A-iPower Gasoline Powered Portable Generator. Initially, you will have 12,000 watts at startup, then you will go to 9,000 watts during operation of this unit. For this purpose, an engine with an efficient, robust design and excellent service life has been developed.

Therefore, it is a 459-cc motor that can provide 16 HP of power. It is a single-cylinder engine that offers adaptable operation to many households. In fact, by using 50% of the power of this unit, you will have 9 hours of operation.

A-iPower Gasoline Powered Portable Generator

So, any power outage will not be an obstacle, and you will be able to continue with your activities. Also included is an air-cooling system that combines four-stroke engine operation and an electric starter. Also, the control panel is straightforward to use by any type of user.

So, if this is your first electric generator, you will be able to learn in a few steps. The wide variety of plugs will also provide you with all kinds of connections. This will allow you to connect any kind of appliance or power tool. Besides, a high level of protection against various electrical hazards is included in this design.

Additionally, this unit and your appliances will be adequately protected. For proper uninterrupted operation, the fuel tank has a capacity of 7 gallons. The fuel tank cover is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Also, you will have a digital indicator that informs you of the running time of this unit. The tires are also highly resistant and can be used outdoors without any problem. The circuit breakers will also be adequately protected from any weather conditions.

In case of a low oil level, you will not have to worry about a malfunction. This is because an automatic shutdown has been included, should this happen.

In conclusion, we can mention that this portable generator produces a high level of noise and a high level of power. This means that no matter how many electrical appliances you have in your home, they will all have enough power.

  • High power unit
  • Up to 9 hours of usage time
  • Protections against electrical hazards
  • High noise level

5. Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

This Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator can provide balanced power and efficiency by continuing to investigate the available options. In principle, you will have a starting power of 4200 watts. Then during operation, the power rating is approximately 3500 watts.

Besides, fuel consumption is efficient throughout the operation. So, this ensures a high level of durability for the whole unit. For this purpose, hybrid technology has been included, in combination with an open-frame inverter. In other words, the operation is reliable and safe throughout the entire service life.

Westinghouse iGen4500

On the one hand, the OHV engine provides a capacity of 212 cc and four strokes. You will also have an LED indicator light to inform you about the oil level. Also, a fuel-saving mode has been included in the design of this portable generator. So, you will have a large capacity and long run time for this unit.

It is possible to get up to 18 hours of operation with medium power. So, it is one of the units that provide a high level of efficiency of the energy produced, and the fuel used. Besides, many users decide to opt for this unit when carrying out camping and outdoor activities, among other possibilities.

On the other hand, 2 USB ports have been included in this unit. With this, you will be able to recharge the energy of many devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Additionally, it is necessary to mention that the engine always produces a low noise level. You will notice that the noise level is 62 decibels. This means that this tool will not disturb you during operation.

  • Efficient generator operation
  • Up to 18 hours of use
  • Low-noise operation
  • Intermediate power

6. BMotorParts PowerPro Gas Powered Generator

As we continue to mention the options that can provide a reliable and efficient operation, this BMotorParts PowerPro Gas Powered Generator is another one. On the one hand, you will have an engine that provides two hp and two strokes in its operation. This also provides a power of 900 watts and a surge level of 1000 watts.

To better understand the transportable and lightweight design, we must indicate that this model only has 36 pounds of total weight. Also, the carrying handle is combined with four rubber pads.

BMotorParts PowerPro Gas Powered Generator

Therefore, this means that the user is highly convenient, whether in the home or an outdoor environment. Consequently, it will be effortless and convenient to have this portable generator in outdoor activities.

So, you also need to have a mixture of fuel gas and petroleum for the operation of this unit. Once you have the full fuel capacity, which is one gallon, you can get a 5-hour run. To do this, you must use up to 50% of the power of this unit. On the other hand, the operation of this unit generates a deficient level of noise.

In a normal operation, the noise level is approximately 60 decibels. One of the positive aspects of this unit is that it is an environmentally friendly option. It is certified for convenient use in national parks and forests. So, it’s one of the most versatile tools you can find on the market today.

Also, it is one of the options that can provide an adequate balance between cost and benefit. So, if you have a limited budget, this electric generator may be one of the most appropriate for you.

  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Certificate of quality
  • Efficient 2-stroke engine
  • Short operating time

7. WEN 56475 Gas Powered Portable Generator

If you have the right budget, you will be able to acquire this WEN 56475 Gas Powered Portable Generator that provides a comfortable and, at the same time, efficient operation. First, you will have a power of 3750 watts. At the same time, the surge limit is 4750 watts. This provides safer operation.

On the other hand, a 223 cubic centimeter OHV engine has been included here. In this way, you will always be able to notice a comfortable and effective operation. Also, folding handles and a wheel kit are always included to provide more significant transport.

WEN 56475

So, it’s one of the best options you can have for a day in the country, outdoor activities, camping, and so on. An electric starter, overload circuit protection, and automatic voltage regulator have been included to improve performance.

Specifically, this is one of the best options for those who want to get their first portable generator. So, you won’t need any advanced knowledge to protect your appliances or this power unit. You will also have a mechanism that automatically shuts off this unit if there is too little oil inside.

So, you will always know the status of your generator while avoiding any normal inconvenience. A 4-gallon capacity is provided inside the fuel tank to provide power along with appropriate usage time. In this case, you will have 10 hours of operation if you use half of the power.

The general functions of this unit are straightforward to learn and use. In the same way, this portable generator offers many receptacles that adapt to different appliances, power tools, and electronic devices. So, you don’t need to have any additional accessories when you buy this unit.

In conclusion, it is a unit that can provide easy use for any type of user. You should bear in mind that the service life included in this unit is average. Excellent quality materials have been used in both the engine and the fuel tank. In this way, you will avoid expensive repairs in the future.

  • Versatile generator
  • 10 hours of operation
  • Efficient electric start
  • Limited fuel tank capacity

8. Duromax XP12000EH

If you want to find the most powerful units, then this Duromax XP12000EH Portable Generator is not to be missed. We can start by mentioning that you will get 12000 watts at startup as well as 9500 watts of continuous power. So, no matter how many appliances you have in the house, this powerful machine will be able to supply every one of your implements.

We must mention that the highest frame durability is included, which is combined with some support for the engine. In this way, the engine will have the best stability throughout the operation. At the same time, both the vibrations and the noise level are very low.

Duromax XP12000EH

So, getting one of the highest powers does not necessarily mean suffering from a high level of noise. For the operation of this machine, you will need gas or propane. Specifically, you will have eight hours of operation when using propane. Also, if you use gas, you can count on this generator for about 9 hours.

In both cases, you will need to run this machine at 50%. For a much more comfortable functionality, a control panel has been included with different aspects. Some of these aspects are the outlets, circuit breaker, warning light indicators, and a voltmeter. So, you can learn effortlessly and easily how to use this powerful machine.

The automatic shutdown also gives you an excellent level of prevention against certain common problems. In this case, the automatic shutdown occurs when the oil level inside is insufficient. Besides, a spark suppressor also included avoiding this type of obstacle in the proper functioning of a generator.

To start this machine, you will have an electric starter but also a recoil. On the other hand, the fuel tank provides you with a large capacity of 8.3 gallons. This way, you can count on the maximum power for several hours.

An 18 HP 457 cc engine is included. Therefore, we can mention that this powerful machine will be able to solve all your energy problems if you have the right budget.

  • Simple operation
  • Low noise level
  • High power
  • Unit too heavy

9. Westinghouse WGen7500

As we continue to mention the options that can provide you with a robust operation, this Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator is another one of them. We must mention that the continuous power obtained is 7500 watts, and the starting power provides 9000 watts.

Along with this, you will have a set of useful and efficient features, such as electric start and reverse, or also a remote start. So, you can select the type of start according to the situation at hand. For one thing, this great unit has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank.

Westinghouse WGen7500

You will need to use high-quality gasoline during any operation. This way, you can take care of the whole internal system of the engine. Also, you could get up to about 16 hours of operation. You will need to rely on 50% of the energy production.

On the other hand, you will not have any inconvenience to start this unit in different weather conditions. Lower temperatures will not affect the proper functioning of this unit. That is why the engine has a 4-stroke capacity and can reach 3600 revolutions per minute.

It also provides a capacity of 420 CC and a total weight of 200 pounds. While the total weight may be a disadvantage, you will have a unit that will provide an extended service life. Also, the automatic shutdown function will avoid a large set of common drawbacks.

Some of these are the low oil level that a generator may have. Also, the low fuel level automatically shuts down this generator avoiding all kinds of overheating. Therefore, you will be able to provide the necessary energy to each of your appliances and electronic devices.

Additionally, A cast-iron cover has been included to provide more excellent protection to the entire unit. The roll bars have a highly resistant steel frame. Therefore, the total weight of this generator is high. So, this disadvantage provides, at the same time, a high level of durability.

  • Efficient startup
  • Up to 16 hours of use
  • Excellent power
  • Very heavy generator

10. Champion Portable Generator

It may be that you don’t need the most power in a portable electric generator. For this, we can put this Champion Portable Generator on the lists that has a 224-cc engine and an intermediate power. In this case, you can use gas, as well as propane. Each one of these options can provide you with different usage times.

On the one hand, you will have a usage time of approximately 9 hours when using gas. You should only use your generator with a half load. On the other hand, you could get 3800 watts during continuous operation. At the same time, the starter will provide you with 4750 watts of power.

Champion Portable Generator

When using propane, the number of watts at startup and in continuous operation may decrease. Also, you will have a fuel tank with a 4-gallon capacity. So, this is an intermediate capacity between all the options that are available today.

So, by using propane, you can get about 5 hours of operation at 50% power. Also, the noise level generated by this unit could reach up to 68 decibels. So, this is one of the noisiest units in general. However, you will have a simple system to use and start up this generator.

Some of the main functions are that you will be able to control the voltage, hertz, and hours of operation. At the same time, this unit includes a battery, propane hose, oil funnel, engine oil, and wheel-set. So, the transportation and use of this unit will be very suitable for a variety of uses.

Besides, the battery life inside provides a long operating time. Therefore, you will avoid the need to purchase a new battery in less time than expected. The dual-fuel operation also provides a high level of versatility.

So, in case you don’t get one of the fuels you can use the other one. Finally, the outlets can be adapted to many different styles. So, each of your electrical appliances will get the power it needs to operate.

  • Excellent wearing time
  • Gas and propane operation
  • High-efficiency engine
  • High noise level

11. DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Generator

However, by mentioning the intermediate options available today, this DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator is another one. You can get this unit with an average performance, at an affordable cost. It is possible to have 4400 watts of power and use gasoline fuel.

So, in the event of a power outage, you can provide the power needed for each of your appliances or electronics. On the other hand, the engine produces 3500 watts of constant operation. This is combined with a 4-stroke engine and an extended life. The entire unit weighs a total of 120 pounds.

DuroMax XP4400E

While this could be a hindrance, to transport this unit, you will have two wheels and a sturdy handle. This makes it very easy to use this generator where you need it most. Additionally, a manual and electric starter is included. You can choose the option that best suits each situation.

One of the positive aspects of this portable generator is that it can be adapted to many outputs. Among them, you will have multiple 20-amp capacities, one 120 or 240 volts 30-amp capacity, and two 120-volt capacities. So only by using this unit will you have the power you need, no matter what appliances you have in the house.

Also, the fuel tank has a capacity of 3.9 gallons. So, it can provide you with average performance compared to the generators available today.

Besides, this design has an automatic accelerator. This is very useful if you want to minimize the noise generated during the operation. In other words, it is one of the most convenient options used by many users these days.

  • High level of power
  • Many output options
  • Fuel tank provided
  • Transporting something difficult

12. Honda EU2200i Portable Generator

Finally, this Honda EU2200i Portable Generator can provide one of the most balanced performances. Specifically, you will have excellent quality built into the engine. In this case, this unit has a GXR120 engine with 121 cc displacement.

This unit can reach a speed between 4000 and 4500 revolutions per minute. On the other hand, it is a unit that is very convenient to use and start. In this case, you will have maintenance and use provided for any type of user that you are.

Honda EU2200i

This means that you should not have any specific or advanced knowledge about this type of tool. In this case, this new model has 10% more force and power compared to the previous Honda model. The design of this unit also provides an extended service life, in combination with a highly heavy tool.

While this unit can generate an average noise level, the operating time can provide excellent value for any type of user. So, the 3.7-liter fuel tank gives you approximately 8 hours of use. You will need to use my quarter load of this unit.

To provide better operation of this unit, you will have an automatic shutdown. In case of insufficient fuel, this will allow you to avoid certain usual inconveniences, such as overheating. You will be able to use this portable generator for many devices and appliances in your home.

In conclusion, we can mention that you will be able to acquire an excellent tool for each of the appliances in your home. Many users choose this superb tool, and it is the best portable generator today, according to many opinions.

  • Easy to use design
  • Automatic shutdown in case of insufficient fuel level
  • Proper usage time
  • A short time of use at maximum power

Best Portable Generator – Buying Consideration

Before purchasing any of the options we have discussed, you should consider certain important features in a portable generator. You will not have the same benefits and disadvantages in each of these units. So, by better analyzing these generators, you will be able to obtain a more adaptable operation to your own needs.

Energy produced

You should consider the number of appliances, lights, and electronic devices in your home. You can better determine the amount of power in watts you can have with each of these units.

One of the most common examples is the refrigerator. In this case, 2100 watts are required for the ignition. You will also only need 700 watts during continuous operation. This calculation must be made with each of the implements that need to be powered in each case.

This is an important analysis, especially if you need a portable generator for prolonged power failures. This way, you will get the power you need for your home, RV, or other utilities.

Outputs and uses

Another aspect to consider is the number of devices you will be able to connect to your portable generator. Here you should also consider what appliances and electronic devices you will need to connect to this unit.

Some generators provide 120-volt, 240 volt, or USB ports. So, you will need to pay attention to these types of features to suit your needs.

Fuel tank

This is another very important aspect that you should consider in a portable generator. The size or fuel capacity may give you a certain amount of usage time. So, the larger the tank, the longer you can expect to use it.

Along with this, the type of start the generator can provide is important. On the one hand, some generators provide a recoil cable. Other models can also incorporate an electric starter for greater convenience.


The decibel level produced by a generator is another aspect to consider. On the one hand, there are high power generators that also produce a high level of noise. However, some of the most innovative models have an efficient and, at the same time, silent operation.

You should consider this aspect since it will become important when the noise level starts to bother you. If you need a generator for your home or a day at the campsite, a quiet unit would be recommended. However, if you will be using your generator in a noisy location, such as a building, the noise level will probably not be an issue.

Best Portable Generator – FAQ’s

What size portable generator do I need?

You will need a portable generator of intermediate to high capacity to supply electric power to your entire home. Specifically, your generator should provide between 5,000 and 7,500 watts. In the case of an RV, you will only need a generator that provides approximately 4000 watts.

What is the most fuel-efficient portable generator?

These days there are a lot of different portable generators that are highly efficient. To answer this question, you can look at each of the options we have listed in this review.

How do I choose a portable generator?

In this case, you should consider some key aspects of a portable power generator. The most critical elements are the output options, the power during operation, and the usage time you get when using a portable generator.

Will a 7500-watt generator run my house?

By getting 7500 watts of power in a generator, you will have enough power for your entire home. This amount is enough to power almost all of your large appliances, such as a freezer, oven, refrigerator, well pump, and others. This way, you won’t have to worry about your next power outage.


After reading this extensive review, you will be able to choose the best portable generator to say goodbye to those extremely annoying power cuts! You no longer must interrupt your work and push back your deadlines because of continuous power cuts!

Come on, do yourself a favor and buy now the portable generator that you like best, and that fits your daily needs. You’ll thank us for it!

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