How to Choose The Perfect Drill Press For Your Needs

How to Choose The Perfect Drill Press For Your Needs?

In the woodcarving field, a driller is one of the most important tools. In this modern civilization, people have upgraded the woodcarving tools too. The Drill Press is one of the best examples of those advanced tools.

Like the regular handheld drills, you can use the Drill Presses for making holes and other woodcarvings. Moreover, these Drill Machines are more comfortable. It allows you to work with less effort and more swiftly.

However, you must be concerned about some important things before choosing the Best Drill Press that satisfies your demands. Such as:

Type Of The Drill Press

This Drilling machine has two types. The Benchtop Drill Press and The Floor Drill Press. Both of the types are applicable for various purposes. However, they have some differences between them.

In the case of a shop table or other small purposes, The Benchtop Types are more suitable than the Floor Types. Because the Benchtop Types are portable and easy to carry.

However, in the case of heavy-duty, Floor Types are the best. Because Floor Types are more powerful and more durable. Though they are heavy, they can easily do the big projects.

Therefore, choose the best type of Drill Press according to your condition. 

The Motor’s Power

The power of the motor is very important. You will find different borers with different power. Whatever a Drilling Machine with more than 1HP motor power is enough. Because the output power will be 2/3HP.

However, it depends on the demand of the work. With powerful motors, you can do bigger holes and other heavy duties with metals. Hence, choose the best that fulfills your conditions. 

The Drilling System

Be aware of the Drilling System of the Borer. In the market, you will get different Drill Machines with different features. Choose the Drill Machine that provides you a wide range of speed. Though these kind of Drill Machines are a little expensive, they are price worthy. Because, you will get many options to do your work.

Besides, check the swing distance and the distance from the chuck to the base. These measurements are very important. Hence, be concerned about these things before choosing a Drill Press.

The Chuck System

The chuck is another important part. You will get about 1/2’’ to 5/8’’ size chucks. The larger borers have even 3/4’’ size chucks too. However, for small projects, the chucks about 1/4’’ size are perfect. The chucks increase motor power during drilling. Thus, you can get extra torque for making holes through the objects.

There are two types of Chucks. The keyed Types and The keyless Types. Both of the types are preferable. However, the keyless Types are better in the case of heavy duties. Hence, choose the Drilling machine carefully.

Stroke Length Of Drill Press

You must be concerned about the stroke length. Usually, 2-1/2’’ size stroke lengths are standard for general purposes. If you want bigger size then you have to spend more. Hence, choose the best that satisfies your demands.  

The Table

Choose the Big Drilling Machine that has a bigger size Table. As bigger size tables allow you to Drill easily. Besides, the table must be capable of height adjustments and must be 360 degrees rotatable. In addition, the table must be 360 degrees rotatable around the column of the drilling machine. Therefore, be concerned about the table. 

Price Of Drill Press

In the case of price, the Floor Drill Presses are more expensive than the Benchtop Types. It is true that, if you want more then you have to spend more. This is also applicable for Drilling Machines. Hence, make your budget according to your demands. 


You will find various options but not all of them are suitable for you. Be careful about the things that you have learned from the Upper Description. It will help you to find the best Drill Press for you.

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