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How To Paint With An Air Compressor Sprayer

Painting is a part of the art. To make the surroundings of your house colorful, you have to paint your surroundings. From a small window to the big gate of your house, your car, and many other particles are painted.

Before the invention of the Air Compressor, painting with a normal sprayer was difficult as it takes a huge amount of paint and cannot perform well enough. On the other hand, an Air Compressor Sprayer allows you to consume less time in a painting. Moreover, it has changed the painting process into a very easy and effective way.

These Compressed Air Spraying tools are very easy to use. The followings are some basic and important things to maintain to use this type of spraying tool.

Setup the sprayer with the Air compressor

Before you are going to use your tool, you have to attach your spraying gun with the compressor. The followings are the basic steps to perform for that.

  • Attach a regulator with the handle of the gun. Use a plumber tape for this.
  • Then attach the hose of your compressor with the regulator by using the plumber tapes.
  • After attaching those things, check the pressure of the air by trigging the gun. Observe the regulator to inspect the pressure.
  • Empty the cup of the spraying gun. Make sure that there is no thinner left in the cup.

These are some compulsory things to set up the gun. After the setup, check the spraying speed and the air pressure properly. Make sure that both of them are perfect to make a good mist of paint.   

Color and other accessories Of Air Compressor Sprayer

After the setup, get your color and other essential equipment.

  • In the case of choosing the color, you will find many options. The oil type enamels are the best for air compressors. However, you can choose the latex and the acrylic also.
  • Do not forget to use a suitable thinner. Because a suitable thinner will make your color more vicious which will help you to paint your subject more easily.
  • Put on your safety glass, mask, and gloves to prevent yourself from the paint and other dust.
  • Clean the surface of your subject properly and make sure that the surface is dry. For oil paints, use mineral spirit. On the other hand, use soap and water for latex and acrylic paints.

These are some necessary things to do before you start to paint your subject. These tasks are easy to do.

Process of spraying

Now it is time for painting. For painting, you need to do certain things. Like:

  •  Strain the paint through a paint filter and mix it properly. Pour an adequate amount of paint in the cup. Fil about 2/3 part of the cup.
  •  Use a suitable thinner to thin the paint. The ratio of paint to thinner depends on the paint and the sprayer gun. Normally, for a good flow, 15% to 20% thinned paint is perfect for a good flow.
  •  Hold the spraying gun about 6 to 10 inches away from the surface and start spraying.
  •  Do not paint one time for each pass. Overlap every pass carefully.
  •  After finish the painting, recoat the surface if requires.

These are the basic tasks to paint anything with an Air Compressor Sprayer. All you have to do is to perform them properly and make a great painting.

After painting

Your job does not end after finish the painting. Now you have to clean your tool properly. Like:

  • If you get an extra amount of color in the cup then pour that back on the original can. Just remember that you have already thinned the color that you have restored. Therefore, next time adjust the color before using it.
  • Clean the cup properly and make sure that there is nothing left on that. Rinse it with thinner.
  • Fill about 25% of the cup with thinner. Then spray the thinner through the gun until you get the clear thinner.


Painting is not a hard task at all. In addition, when you get a Spraying gun and an Air Compressor attached to it, painting becomes child play for you.

However, if you do not follow some basic things then you will find difficulties during the painting. Therefore, follow the rules to get the best.

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